Zongshen Tianchen Aviation

General Aviation is a kind of green and high-efficient modern traffic tool. Like automobiles industry, the development of General Aviation will, to some extent, affect in-depth all around China's economy, becoming a double engine to pull "Upgrading of Industries" and "New Type of Urbanization". However, even if China General Aviation has developed for ten years, "Opening of Low Altitude Airspace" has not yet come true and the root cause is that there isn’t a provincial small airport network suitable for General Aviation to fly. At the same time, many local governments are building in a way of rash advance by "orphan" various aviation industry parks, leading to excessive single investment, but no way to achieve ferry flight. Zongshen believes that only the general aviation airports are connected with each other into a network, a real favorable general aviation flight environment can be formed, which drives all-around great development of the general aviation industry.

General aviation industry chain covers a wide range, having high technical content. US's general aviation data indicates that the contribution made by US general aviation to the economy output in 2009 was $3.88 billion. If the aviation manufacturing industry and tourism industry are taken into account, general aviation transportation has created in total an economic benefit of 76.5 billion US dollars. In short, the input-output ratio of general aviation industry is 1:10, after projects developed for 10 years, the benefit output ratio brought to the local economy is 1:80, technical transfer ratio is 1:16, and employment promotion ratio is 1:12.

Zongshen is now devoting itself to assisting farseeing provinces and autonomous regions in planning and pushing forward the construction of small airport networks for general aviation. Thanks to flexible arrangement of general aviation airports and lower construction cost, the cost for building a road of around 100km will be sufficient to build a general aviation airport network of provincial region. At present, Zongshen Tianchen has reached various intents of cooperation in the above fields with many provinces and cities, like Chongqing, Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Gansu and etc, for providing solid services for China general aviation.

Zongshen Tianchen will always devote itself to tailoring the industry development planning suitable for local economy for provincial and city-level governments, assisting the local governments in establishing the general aviation airport networks, and providing package solutions to a series of problems on the whole industry chains of general aviation. At the same time, Zongshen has merged and focused on a batch of general aviation resources in a scope from the general aviation airplanes operated with carbon fiber that represents the next generation of technologies to the water navigation companies that have achieved 30-year operation with "zero accident rate", etc, and is preparing actively for entering the domestic general aviation market.

"Wanna be rich fast? Build small airports first." is gradually becoming the common view of whole society! One kilometer of road will let you go nowhere, but one kilometer of runway will let you fly over to any places in the world!