Frequently Asked Questions

Are Zongshen motorcycles sold in Canada or the US?

We currently don't ship our gas motorcycles to North America. We sell the majority of our motorcycles in emerging economies and these motorcycles are very different than those sold in North America. Our customers have relatively low incomes and predominately use the motorcycle for commuting purposes and therefore place a much higher value on price and fuel efficiency. As such, we produce bikes that range from 50 cc to 250 cc to meet their needs. In North America, most motorcycles sold are for recreational purposes where most bikes sold are 500 cc and above.

Are motorcycles still relevant transportation vehicles?

Our key markets are rural China and developing countries where income is still relatively low compared to the developed world. The motorcycle therefore is an affordable and low cost transportation option. In rural China which is where we sell approximately 50% of our products, the per capita income in 2010 was RMB 6,000. A new motorcycle costs RMB 5,000 while the cheapest new car costs approximately 10 times more at RMB 50,000. In addition, lack of supporting car infrastructure such as service and maintenance facility and good roads make the car less compelling.

How is the Toronto different from a regular electric bike?

We developed a unique technology which we have patented that gives the Toronto the range advantage and power over the common e-bikes. It is a complicated unit, and we developed the system to be small enough to fit onto a motorcycle. This technology allows the rider to generate maximum power and torque from an electrical engine without damaging the battery or compromising battery life. This is particular important because riders put frequent stress onto the battery when accelerating or climbing uphill. Without this power regulating technology the drain and damage on the battery is too high to make the e-motorcycle useful.

Why Toronto?

There were two reasons we named China's first electric motorcycle Toronto. First in Mandarin Chinese Toronto sounds phonetically similar to “many wheels”. We also wanted to pay homage to Toronto which is a sister city to Chongqing, China, the city where our business started and where our manufacturing head quarters are located.

Why did ZPP list on the Toronto Stock Exchange?

The goal of ZPP is to make our motorcycle a global brand and being based in North America creates visibility and facilities cooperation with more foreign companies. We may pursue a secondary listing in Hong Kong or the other two mainland exchanges in the future.

Where can I find additional information relating to the sales history of the Motorcycle Business?

We acquired the motorcycle business on July 2, 2010. Prior to the acquisition, the Motorcycle Business was a division of Zongshen Industrial Group, a private company, and therefore did not release separate financial statements. Carve-out financial statements can be found in the Business Acquisition Report dated September 15, 2010 filed on SEDAR.

Below is a history of the motorcycle shipments* for the last three years:

Year Domestic Export Total
2008 314,000 185,000 499,000
2009 451,000 94,000 545,000
2010 382,000 185,000 567,000

*shipments include complete built unit (CBU), complete knock down (CKD) and semi knock down (SKD)